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The Caregivers play a unique role. They are behind the scene volunteers that make the festival a success. Without them, the festival would not be possible. They go above and beyond to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that everyone has a safe and fun time.

Becoming a team member earns you perks, such as merchandise, discounted tickets, or paid admission to the festival. 


Responsible for outreach and marketing. Promoters work to get the word out about the event and to bring in new attendees. They are the ones who put up the posters and hand out the flyers and are also responsible for ensuring that people know about the festival through social media and other online platforms. Promoters should be outgoing and have a passion for the festival.



As the first energy people encounter, your presence is most important. You set the mood while greeting and checking people in. Duties include: Scanning in tickets, checking IDs, and overseeing the VIP list.



Gophers are a special kind of volunteer we call on when we need an extra set of hands. They help with whatever needs to be done. Gophers are the crucial link between the festival goers and the festival staff. They are the first people that festival owners will come to for help. 



These volunteers help to keep the energy in the festival up. They are responsible for holding space in the women’s, men’s, game, and cuddle tents. This is a critical role as they help keep the festival safe, clean, and welcoming for all. They should be comfortable approaching people and have a good sense of boundaries.



As the festival comes to a close, the clean-up crew will work hard to ensure that the event site is left in better condition than when we found it. The clean-up crew will be responsible for picking up trash, sweeping, and ensuring all the equipment is put away. 



The setup crew is responsible for cleaning and setting up all of the tents, lights, decorations, exhibits, buses, and other infrastructure the festival needs before the participants arrive.



The landscaping and gardening crew will be responsible for the land maintenance of the festival site. Tasks may include trimming trees, trail maintenance, mowing grass, pulling weeds, gathering wood, and other similar jobs.



The Green Team is responsible for the overall sustainability and cleanliness of the festival. This team will be working to create a safe and healthy environment for the participants. Tasks include cleaning trash, attending to the bathrooms, reminding people to recycle, showing where the compost is, and reporting any ground problems to the organizers.

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