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Divine Spirits Wonderland invites you to learn about new and forgotten ceremonies, art, scientific discoveries, cultural backgrounds, sustainable living, and spiritual practices. Enjoy workshops from teachers worldwide and discover tools to expand your conscious knowledge.​
Come to teach, be taught, and love. We invite you to take your imagination to places it has never been. Discover who you are. What culture, tribe or energy form best represents you? Bring it, express it, be it. Dress the part. But don't stop there. As you set up your camping area, be creative, and represent your spirit, space, teaching tools, and piece of the puzzle. Teach us, show us, express the part of you we haven't experienced. What wonders can you share with the world? Don't be shy, be part of Wonderland. USE YOUR IMAGINATION.
Explore the forest, and pay attention to the wonders and surprises you may find. There is a place beyond the physical world as we know it. It is where energy and intention meet to create and manifest our reality. 

Classes, meditations, healing, massage therapy, yoga, and learning stations will be placed along life paths. Choose wisely, follow your spirit, and journey to the path that calls you the most. Each teacher has a different lesson, and each center is filled with activities that feed your hunger for knowledge, all geared toward helping you achieve a new level of awakening.

Connection is key. Many activities are geared to get you talking, loving, transmuting, and growing together. Play games, interact with the characters and teachers, tube the lazy river, swim, check out the vendors, take a walk alone, dance, or read a book; all activities and decor serve a purpose to aid in connection to self or others.
For you are the Divine Spirit, and this Wonderland is for you.

Remember who you are…………….

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