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Thu, Aug 17


Divine Spirits Wonderland

Divine Spirits Wonderland

Divine Spirits Wonderland is an immersive and transformational experience unlike any other. Here, you can explore your creativity, develop new skills, discover your innermost potential, or simply relax and connect with nature or like-minded people.

Divine Spirits Wonderland

Time & Location

Aug 17, 5:00 PM – Aug 21, 1:00 PM

Divine Spirits Wonderland, 2072 310th St, Waubun, MN 56589, USA

About the Event

Divine Spirits Wonderland invites you to learn about new and forgotten ceremonies, art, scientific discoveries, cultural backgrounds, sustainable living, and spiritual practices. Enjoy workshops from teachers worldwide and discover tools to expand your conscious knowledge.​   Come to teach, be taught, and love. We invite you to take your imagination to places it has never been. Discover who you are. What culture, tribe or energy form best represents you? Bring it, express it, be it. Dress the part. But don't stop there. As you set up your camping area, be creative, and represent your spirit, space, teaching tools, and piece of the puzzle. Teach us, show us, express the part of you we haven't experienced. What wonders can you share with the world? Don't be shy, be part of Wonderland. USE YOUR IMAGINATION.   Explore the forest, and pay attention to the wonders and surprises you may find. There is a place beyond the physical world as we know it. It is where energy and intention meet to create and manifest our reality.  ​ Classes, meditations, healing, massage therapy, yoga, and learning stations will be placed along life paths. Choose wisely, follow your spirit, and journey to the path that calls you the most. Each teacher has a different lesson, and each center is filled with activities that feed your hunger for knowledge, all geared toward helping you achieve a new level of awakening. ​ Connection is key. Many activities are geared to get you talking, loving, transmuting, and growing together. Play games, interact with the characters and teachers, tube the lazy river, swim, check out the vendors, take a walk alone, dance, or read a book; all activities and decor serve a purpose to aid in connection to self or others. For you are the Divine Spirit, and this Wonderland is for you.

Every guest loves this Festival for different reasons. For some it’s the great atmosphere, while for others it’s the wonderful people attending the festival. But they all agree on one thing; there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Take a look at the activities below to see what piques your interest. 


The Live Art Gallery is an unparalleled experience of psychedelic music and art. Here, you can appreciate the incredible talent and creativity of the artists, as well as find pieces that speak to our souls. Whether you are looking to purchase something unique or admire the artistry of the works, visitors can interact with the artist or purchase pieces to bring home with them as a reminder of their time spent here.


Installation art has the power to transform the way we view the world around us. It is a form of art that encourages us to be present in the moment and mindful of our surroundings. This type of art invites us to move beyond our usual boundaries to explore new realms of thought and experience. As we immerse ourselves in this type of art, we understand the tremendous effect art has on us.


The summer months in many parts of the world provide film lovers with a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Seeing a movie under the stars is an opportunity that brings together the best of both worlds; the classic outdoor adventure and the enjoyment of watching a movie. The stars twinkle in the night sky while the film plays out on the big screen, creating a magical atmosphere that all can enjoy. Moreover, this outdoor cinema experience encourages guests to bond with the land. Whether a documentary or a classic, a movie under the stars is a unique way to view a film. Not only does it offer a great atmosphere, but it also provides a relaxed environment to enjoy a movie. Grab your blankets, pillows, yoga mats, chairs, or whatever you need to unwind and enjoy the show.


Alchemy is an ancient science and art practiced worldwide for thousands of years. It is believed to have originated in the Middle East and spread to Europe, China, and other parts of Asia. Alchemy is a complex and often mysterious practice involving the transformation of substances through a combination of scientific and magical techniques. It can affect the use of various chemicals, metals, and plants to create medicines, perfumes, and other substances. Learn how herbs can help you heal, drink some fresh fire-brewed tea, smoke legal blends of herbs, smell the new incense from nature, heal with acoustic music, and be warm by the fire.


The Hammock Library is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while you curl up with your favorite book. You can choose from a wide selection of books from our free library or bring your own and immerse yourself in its pages. Nestle yourself into one of our cozy hammocks and let nature's fresh air and beauty envelop you as you get lost in a captivating story. The Hammock Library offers a unique and memorable experience for those who love to read and be surrounded by nature.


Face and body painting have been a tradition in many cultures, with each design often having a deeper spiritual meaning to its wearer. Face and body paintings can represent tribes, accomplishments, and journeys, while some are simply for entertainment. The history of body painting dates back centuries, with many cultures using art to mark important occasions or signify different social statuses. Today, body painting is prevalent in many other parts of the world, with people of all ages taking part in this unique and vibrant art form. What will you paint to reflect your inner self?


Along the paths of Divine Spirits Wonderland, you'll find healers of all kinds: energetic healers, shamans, Native Americans, trauma-release therapists, and sound healers. These people have dedicated their lives to helping others reach their highest potential and heal from physical or emotional pain. Many of us have been through a lot, and we come here to be reminded of our strength. If you need healing or want someone to hold space for you, don't be afraid to stop in.

If there is no one present at the tables and you would like to do some healing, please do so as you are able. This is a free service to all who come to the lands. Vendors will be in the vendor area.


Drum therapy is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression; it has been used for thousands of years to create and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Recent research has confirmed that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system, and increases positive emotions. To experience these potent effects, join us for our community drum circle, where we combine our positive energy and energy to create a powerful experience. You need no experience to play. Bring a drum or borrow a drum and follow the beat of your heart while you harmonize with others around you.



The authors offer you the gift of storytellers who aim to share the wisdom and knowledge of ancestors and ancient cultures. Through their workshops, participants can immerse themselves in a spiritual experience, learning the stories of their ancestors, connecting with spirit guides, and cultivating new skills to develop a deeper connection to their roots. Our authors are also trained healers that provide a safe space to explore, create, and discover the power within each of us. They encourage attendees to look at the world through an ancient lens and gain new perspectives on their own lives.


The Game Dome is the perfect place to enjoy various mind-challenging board games, strategic card games, puzzles, and more. It is a great way to build cognitive and social skills and is also proven to reduce stress levels, improve brain function and memory, and help foster meaningful human connections. Playing games together allows everyone to be in the present moment while thinking critically. Such a healthy and enjoyable pastime is something that will benefit all involved.

Games and puzzles range in age restrictions; please see the box for warnings and rules.


One thing that sets Divine Spirits Wonderland apart from the other festivals is our desire to build strong and inclusive communities. We understand many of you are outcasts from the rest of the world; here you are, family. This year, we are introducing various activities to unite people and foster meaningful friendships. From yard games, volleyball, and badminton to Tug-of-War and more, we encourage you to join the team!


Our artist is thrilled to open their canvas to you and provide an opportunity to paint with them. At the interactive mural, you can contribute your unique style and color palette to work. This one-of-a-kind painting will be auctioned off at the end of the festival, so you can take it home and have the festival vibes with you forever. It's a great chance to bond with other festivalgoers and create something you can look back on with pride.


The Red Tent is a special festival where women can come together to learn about their bodies and the divine feminine energy that connects them all. This tent is a safe, sacred space where women can attend workshops, meditations, ceremonies, and other activities designed to educate and uplift them. It's a place to honor and celebrate the power of the female spirit and forge deeper connections. Here, women can share stories of their journeys, learn from one another, and be reminded that they are never alone. Based on the Novel "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant.


The Brown Tent is a unique space for men to unite and honor the divine masculine. Here, men can participate in activities, workshops, and conversations designed to foster connection, understanding, and growth. With the focus on brotherhood, the Brown Tent provides a safe space for men to be themselves and learn from one another in a supportive atmosphere. This is a place to celebrate the strength and wisdom that comes with being part of the brotherhood and find support in times of difficulty.


From artists to healers and everyone in between. Vendors from across the USA to share their skills, talents, food, and homemade products with you. You'll have the opportunity to peruse handmade jewelry, enjoy creative dishes, and find locally produced goods. Browse the vendors and find items you can take home as souvenirs of your experience. Our vendors offer something for everyone, so you will want to take advantage of this excellent opportunity!


Each evening we come together around the fire in the heart of the land. This is a time for us to unite and celebrate the land and our unity. We share stories, songs, and laughter around the fire and use this sacred time to renew our connections. Together, we create a powerful energy that helps to fuel our collective growth, strength, and joy.


Bring your floating device and come to the river—a place of peace, connection, and serenity. Let nature do its work as you drift away in its tranquil waters. Whether you choose to nap, meditate, or admire the view, the river's soothing presence will help to relax and rejuvenate you. When you are ready to return to reality, the river will naturally bring you to the swimming hole, where you can connect with fellow water-loving people.


The Swim Hole is one of the most popular attractions at the festival, and for a good reason. Here, you can find a serene and beautiful spot to cool off during the hotter days. Fed by the gentle currents of the river, the Swim Hole provides a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and take in a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break from the festival or an exciting adventure, you won’t want to miss out on this natural oasis.

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Divine Spirits Wonderland Transformational Festival strives to bring you the greatest mind, body, and spiritual event of the year. Packed full of yoga, meditation, ceremony, workshops, music, art, and entertainment geared towards self-discovery and empowerment; there are no bounds to the magic.


4 Day Soul Retreat

3 Nights of camping 

Daily ceremonies




Alchemy station

Ancestral Healing

Live fire art and dancing

Live art galleries

Free Energy Healing

Sound healing

Live music

Community games

Team building exercises

Hammock library


Lazy River tubing

Campground decorating contest

Jam Band and Drum Circles

Enchanted Forest

Smudging stations

Red tent for women

Brown tent for men

Healing Temple

Crystal Bathing

Crystal Trade

Art bus

Food Trucks

Psychic Gallery 


Story telling

Movies under the stars


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