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Divine Spirits Wonderland

Divine Spirits Wonderland

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We strive to honor Mother/Father Nature and all living things from the beginning to the end. We must work together to keep the land safe and clean for all to enjoy.


Many of us have grown tired of watching "Spiritual" people leave concerts, lands, and spaces full of toxins and trash. Below are actions we are taking to increase the vibrations of the land while decreasing the amount of negative impact.

Digital information: 

  • Our maps, tickets, and schedules are accessed digitally.

    • Cutting trees leads to deforestation, imbalanced ecosystems, and global warming. 


  • 9 goats will be brought in to the land to help trim the grass, weeds, poison ivy and bushes. 

    • This cuts on gas, carbon printing, oil, fumes, and chemicals used for landscaping. ​


  • Our rideshare boards and help:

    • ​Decrease fuel and oil consumption. 

    • Decrease toxins and fumes in the atmosphere.

    • Decrease Carbon imprint.

    • Less wear and pressure on the road system

    • Less interruption of nature around the roads

    • Decrease chances of death for living things. 

    •  The most important thing, it builds community. 


  • Broken glass is not only harmful to humans, but also hurts creatures and land.

    • We encourage you to walk barefoot and connect with the land. ​


  • Glow sticks cannot be reused, refilled, or recycled.

  • Glow stick chemicals are harmful for the soil.



  • Can crushers, recycling, pop tabs, burn bins, and trash cans, decrease waste. 

  • Compost bins outside the silo, help feed the soil and animals.



  • Divine Spirits Wonderland artists upcycle items from nature, people, and recycling bins.

    • Reduces consumerism

    • Initiates imagination and recycling.



  • Mainstage music plays from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. to decrease rhythmic interference with nature, animals, insects, and the frequencies of the land.  

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