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The opening ceremony will be led by our amazing Native American singers, dancers, and drummers. We invite all those present for the festival's opening ceremony to join us in prayer and meditation and to set the intention for the weekend together. This is a time to remember why we are here as we step into the spiritual weekend ahead. Please join us in welcoming our Native American brothers and sisters and help us to create a space of love and peace.



The Holi Mela, otherwise known as Holi Festival, marks the celebration of the arrival of spring and the end of winter. The yearly festival signifies good triumph over evil, the forgiveness of those who have wronged us, and unity and friendship from all cultures and backgrounds. This colorful festival is celebrated across India, Jamaica, Suriname, and many other countries, providing a unique experience that brings people together. Holi Mela is celebrated with exuberant joy and enthusiasm. Bring your squirt guns and be prepared to be doused in powdered color, water, and fun.



​Nothing is more satisfying than purifying the mind, body, and spirit of toxins and evil; it settles the mind, rids the body of illness, and fills the heart. Baptism is one of the ways to experience this. Just as we came out of the water of the womb, we come out of the water of baptism, reborn, cleansed of the evil and the sins we have previously committed or encountered. The water acts as a bridge that connects the person with the Holy Spirit. This cleansing allows the person to reach the highest level of spiritual maturity while re-dedicating themselves to walking the righteous path in faith.


Because God is merciful, He has prepared a way for all people to receive the blessings of baptism. By performing proxy baptisms on behalf of those who have died, family members can offer these blessings to deceased ancestors. The Spirit can then choose to accept or reject the baptism. If you feel a loved one has not transferred due to unfinished business, emotional distress, anger, or denied God here on Earth, you can help them cross over by being a sergeant for your loved one.


Baptism can happen more than once in your life. If you want to renew your baptism, please join


The feminine energy holds space for creating a nurturing environment, expressing our feelings, listening to others, connecting with our intuition, and using our imagination to bring about transformation. From the Virgin Mary to the Greek Goddesses to the Hindu Deities and Yemaya, Oshun, and Erzulie, feminine energy has guided humanity since immemorial. It is here to remind us of the power of love, compassion, and nurturing and to help us tap into our full potential. We will invite the sacred goddess energy into our lives through goddess ceremonies, which honor the divine feminine and provide a space for healing and transformation.



The masculine energy is a mighty force that holds space for clarity, reasoning, creation, and purpose-driven action. It has inspired ambition, risk-taking, innovative thinking, and a sense of adventure throughout human history. Through god ceremonies that honor the divine masculine and explore the power of male energy, we can all feel the I am. Participants in this ceremony will use ritual and meditation to connect with their inner strength and courage, allowing them to face their fears, overcome obstacles, and find their true purpose.


Cacao was first used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine dating as far back as 1900 BC by the ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people, before becoming a ritualistic medicine used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures. Cacao is a powerful medicine that can open gateways to spiritual connection. It has the unique ability to simultaneously connect us to the Earth while providing a pathway to access our highest selves. When cacao is ingested, it activates the Root and Crown Chakras, allowing kundalini energy to cleanse the soul with its divine power. This combination of grounding and enlightenment leads to profound spiritual insights that can help us understand ourselves and our world more deeply, leading to healing and transformation.



The Native Americans were some of the first settlers in America. They frequently held space, lessons, ceremonies, and rituals that inspire connection and a symbiotic relationship with the lands, people, and the Creator. Unfortunately, they were silenced, killed, and separated in hopes they could no longer inspire unity and faith. Years later, many Native American traditions have been restored, revived, and honored again. They are proud of their heritage and spiritual ways and are ready to speak. Listen to the true history of the Native Americans and what they have gone through to keep their languages, songs, and ceremonies. Learn about their ways of living and how it coincides with their spirituality. This is the most requested presentation of Divine Spirits Wonderland attendants, and it is our pleasure to bring it back to you.



The Qabalistic Cross is a symbolic representation of the universe. It consists of four equal segments, each of the four cardinal directions. The North segment represents the element of air, the East segment represents the element of fire, the South segment represents the element of water, and the West segment represents the element of Earth. Bringing all four diagonals creates a cross of light that represents the foundation of creation.


 Since ancient times, fire has been a critical element of ceremonies, rituals, and entertainment. It provides warmth, light, and energy and is a source of connection and revelry. In addition to its traditional uses, fire can also provide health benefits such as reducing anxiety and depression and even helping increase levels of oxytocin, decreasing pain, and increasing social bonding and happiness. Fire performances are a way to honor this element while also providing an exciting show. From poi spinning to fire eating and everything in between, fire performances are a great way to bring excitement and energy to any ceremony.



There is something special about connecting to the ancestors through Mother Nature. It is as if we are tapping into a hidden wisdom, a source of knowledge and power that has been with us since the beginning of time. When we commune with the natural world, we are reminded of our place in the great cycle of life and death, and we can feel the presence of those who have come before us. Mother Nature is a powerful ally in our quest to connect with our ancestors. She provides a sacred space for us to commune with them and reminds us of our place in the great cycle of life. By connecting with her, we open ourselves up to the guidance and love of our ancestors, and we remember that we are never truly alone on this journey called life.



Water ceremonies are a beautiful way to connect with the elements and cleanse the physical and spiritual realms. One of the most unique water ceremonies is washing a grandfather clock. This ritual is believed to release any stagnant energy that has built up over time and is meant to bring in new, positive energy. This ceremony offers an opportunity for reflection, prayer, and gratitude for all that has been given and for setting intentions for the future.



The Shamanic Vision Quest is one of the most potent and sacred ceremonies a shaman can undertake. It allows them to reach an altered state of consciousness and access the spiritual world through hidden realms. By doing this, they can connect with their spiritual guides and ancestors and the energies of the natural world. The Vision Quest is a powerful form of inner exploration that can provide insight into one's being and can be used to set intentions, seek guidance, and practice gratitude.



The closing ceremony allows us to unite one last time before we part ways. It is a time to reconnect, reflect, and harmonize our energies and hearts as one. As we remember the lessons, the synchronicity, fun, and hardships experienced at the festival, we can take these lessons with us on our individual journeys through the exchange of crystals. This is where the festival ends, and new beginnings start. 

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