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When we decided to put on a festival celebrating humanity, we knew it would be a lot of work. We also knew we couldn't do it without the help of visionaries like you. Your energy, ideas, tools, and time are significant; no one contribution is more important than another, and many have been called to join us. Becoming a team member earns you perks, such as merchandise, discounted tickets, or paid admission to the festival.



Do you have an idea or something you would like to see at the festival? We want to hear it. What is your vision? Send pictures, videos, or websites, and see if it makes it to the festival. 



​As a leader, you represent your culture, Elders, religion, spirit guides, the elements, and Gods. You are the Divine space holder and mediator of the spiritual and physical world. The space you hold will be the center of discovery, strength, and power for the people attending. You are the one who can set things right and bring balance to the energy.


If you feel called to this role, please tell us about the experience you want to share and why you are called to do this. 


​We are looking for an artist who can bring a one-of-a-kind experience to our festival and create space for people to connect, be inspired, and transform. The artist should have a strong vision for their project and be able to execute it with little guidance. The successful candidates will be able to translate their interpretation of the energies into a physical form that can be shared with others. We hope you are fortunate to be able to offer this rare and unique talent to the community.


Live Art comes in many forms:

  • Live Art                  

  • Live Characters     

  • Art installation      

  • Fire performances

  • Comedy                

  • Live Poetry           

  • Acrobatics            

  • Dance                   

  • and more              

If you have an idea for live entertainment, please feel free to submit a form with your talent or idea.


Learning provides individuals with a unique opportunity to grow and develop as people, explore the world around them, and discover their full potential. This gift of learning is invaluable in the modern world and can open up a world of possibilities. It is through learning that we are able to develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding to effectively tackle the myriad of challenges we face today, as well as those in our future. By giving someone the chance to learn, we are investing in their future and in the future of our society. 


If you feel called to be a world changer, apply now. 


Send or drop off donations at:

Euphoric Source

220 South Ashland Street

Cambridge MN, 55008

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