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​Blind yoga is a unique practice that requires intense concentration to remain balanced. By relying solely on the body to guide each asana, yoga practitioners can reach a deeper level of awareness. This meditative state is known to cultivate a heightened awareness, where practitioners can observe their inner feelings more closely. Along with the mental benefits, blind yoga has also been found to improve physical coordination, agility, and balance.


Fire Warrior Yoga is a powerful practice that integrates traditional yoga postures and breathwork with the warrior spirit. It is a path of self-empowerment, teaching practitioners how to go into the challenge of life while being firm in their convictions, courageous in their actions, and devoted to a higher purpose. This practice helps to give practitioners access to their inner strength, courage, and resilience as they face life’s challenges. Fire Warrior Yoga also provides an opportunity to take on the challenge of connecting with the inner truth and making decisions from a place of clarity, wisdom, and compassion.​


​If you are looking for something unique and invigorating, then Glowga is the perfect practice! This revolutionary glow-in-the-dark yoga is quickly gaining attention and wide popularity due to its fun, vibrant atmosphere. The glowing props and neon accents help to create an enchanting atmosphere, allowing practitioners to focus on their poses and breathing. Not only does this style of yoga offer a unique way to practice, but it also helps to illuminate the body’s energy so that practitioners may better understand the connection between their body and mind.


Grab your glow in the dark of blacklight reactive wear, stop off at our body painting station, and then find a spot to shine.

Please remember we want to honor the Earth, so please, no glow stick. Thank you!



Conscious dance encourages freedom of movement and a deep connection to the body’s sensations. Through conscious dance, practitioners can explore their emotions, release any underlying tension, and create a sense of peace. This practice is particularly beneficial for those dealing with complicated feelings or physical pain, as it can help individuals reconnect with their bodies and find relief from their troubles. Conscious dance yoga can also be a great way to engage in a meaningful and enjoyable physical activity, allowing practitioners to reach a higher level of awareness and find balance in their bodies and minds.​


Ecstatic dance differs from other dances in that it’s not about technique or precision; instead, it’s an experience of being present in your body while simultaneously letting go of all expectations around what you should look like dancing. The movements flow naturally from one to another without pause -- they aren’t steps so much as they are motions inspired by your inner state.


Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that focuses on deep stretching of the body’s connective tissues. This type of yoga requires the practitioner to hold poses for anywhere from two to five minutes, allowing them to focus on the sensations in their body and mind and giving them the ability to relax deeply into the pose. This yoga style can increase circulation, flexibility, and mobility while also calming the mind. Not only is Yin Yoga beneficial to the body, but it is also a tool to help one become mindful, more sensitive, and more compassionate.​


Laughter Yoga is based on the idea that voluntary laughter can have the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. This innovative practice combines yogic breathing and relaxation with laughter exercises, helping access the joy that resides within each person. By emphasizing deep inhalation and exhalation exercises, Laughter Yoga helps to reduce stress, improve circulation, and boost endorphins. Not only does this style of yoga provide physical benefits, but it also helps to strengthen social connections and foster an attitude of joy and optimism.


Vinyasa yoga is one of the most popular styles of yoga practiced in Western yoga studios today. A Vinyasa yoga practice connects individual poses or “asanas” with deep breaths or “pranayama” in a series of flowing movement sequences. Vinyasa is often translated as “linking movement with breath,” which refers to the continuous flow of movement throughout the practice. This type of yoga is often considered a more active and dynamic practice, as it can involve faster-paced poses and sequences.​



​When we first opened Divine Spirits Wonderland, we knew we would have teachers from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages. We were ecstatic when young Willow, age 8, came to us asking if she could host her first yoga class at Divine Spirits Wonderland. Past years’ teachers so inspired her she wanted to teach her class. Although not certified as an instructor, it appears as though the Divine Spirits have called her to do what she was meant to do on this Earth; help children and people understand the importance of body movement and connecting to the imagination. Welcome young Willow as she teaches her 2nd yoga class at Divine Spirits Wonderland. A family-style yoga made by children for the children or child in you. Join this new yoga style where fun and yoga meet and limitations are set aside while imagination prevails

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